We offer a wide range of masonry repair and restoration services with the intention to provide interior and exterior maintenance and enhancement services for residential, commercial, heritage, institutional, and religious buildings.

We are blessed with a group of top masonry specialists from Halifax. These gentlemen are capable of using latest masonry restoration technologies partnering with world-class masonry repair products.

Our Masonry Repair Services include:

Masonry Repair

  • Stone Walls

Stone walls are a kind of masonry construction that is in use for thousands of years. Stone walls add beauty and style to a property. It is also an important part of landscaping.

We offer comprehensive stone wall construction services.

  • Allan Block Retaining Walls

Allan Block is the best available block in the market for mortar-less masonry construction of retaining walls, courtyard, and fence systems. It also ensures the longevity of the wall systems and also adds beauty to a landscape.

We provide a full Allan Block Retaining Walls services.

  • Gabion & Rock Walls

Gabion walls provide more advantages over rigid structures due to their modularity and ability to be stacked in different shapes. Gabion & Rock Walls is very good at holding the weight and pressure.

We provide comprehensive construction services for the Gabion Walls and Rock Walls.

  • Rebuilding & Repairs and Repointing

Rebuilding & repairs of an exterior building is an important part of any building’s longevity. Repointing process helps of renewing mortar joints in masonry construction.

We offer a wide compass of rebuilding & repairs and repointing services in Halifax.

Chimney Specialist provides quality masonry services that you can trust. We’re blessed with a band of certified and experienced masons, affordable solutions, and top-notch customer services.