Chimney Repointing is the best way to repair a chimney and strengthen the appearance of a property. Repointing of chimney is the ideal way to improve the efficiency of fire, enhance the safety measures, and avoid further damage to property caused by collapsing of chimney stack.

Chimney repointing is the process of fixing cracked or missing mortar capable of causing further damage to the chimney. The process of chimney repointing involves many steps and needs to be completed under the supervision of professional expertise.

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Chimney Specialist offers complete chimney repairing services including chimney repointing services in Halifax. At Chimney Specialist, we offer a wide range of chimney repointing services. We follow a specific process at the time of providing chimney repointing services – assessing chimney, removing old mortar joints, mortar application, and seal the mortar.

Assessing Chimney: The first step of chimney repointing is to assess the condition of the chimney in determining the extent of the damage is done to chimney mortar. This includes using special tools in assessing the extent of the damage.

•    Removing Old Mortar Joints: The timely removal of old mortar joints. Damaged, old mortar joints can cause severe damage to surrounding mortar and brick.

•    Mortar Application: After the assessment of damage, the next step is to remove the old mortar with a specialized mortar mix.

•    Seal the Mortar: Sealing the mortar is the last step of chimney repointing. It helps to prevent moisture getting into the chimney.

If the home is aging, or the chimney has never been inspected for damage in many years, then it’s the time to assess it.

Our chimney repointing specialists are always ready to help in solving all chimney related queries.